Respect Life


October is Respect Life month.  Although as Catholics we believe in respecting life all of the time, October is a special for us to reflect on how the importance and sacredness of human life, from the moment of conception to the hour of death.  We are called to consider all people as children of God, and to treat them as our brothers and sisters.

It's a time to consider in a special way the act of abortion, an action strongly opposed by the Catholic Church which believes an unborn child is the beginning of a special God-given life, a life which is embraced and loved.

If you're interested in additional information, you can check the following websites -   This is the website of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, with a special section dedicated to
                      topics such as  The Truth About Abortion and Women's Health
                                              Chemical Abortion
                                              The Women's Health Protection Act
                                               Walking with Moms in Need
                      and much more.

The Diocese of Trenton also has information on its website - the following links can be used