Holy Days

The feasts that the local Church celebrates as Holy Days of Obligation is determined by the local bishop, usually in line with the decision of all the bishops of the nation. These feasts celebrate important people or moments in Salvation History.

Days when the Church in the Diocese of Trenton celebrates Holy Days of Obligation:

Mary, Mother of God: January 1

Ascension Thursday: Please Note that in 2022, the bishops of NJ haved descided to move this feast to the 7th Sunday of Easter as had most of the dioceses of the U.S.

Assumption of Mary: August 15

All Saints Day: November 1

Immaculate Conception: December 8 

Christmas: December 25

Please note that:

  • when the Holy Days of Mary, Mother of God, the Assumption of Mary, and All Saints Day fall on a Saturday or Monday, they are not Obligatory
  • when the Immaculate Conception falls on a Sunday, it is moved to Monday, and because it is a 'transferred feast', it is not Obligatory in that year
  • with the exception of Immaculate Conception, whenever any of these feasts fall on a Sunday, they replace the usual seasonal Sunday Mass