New Parishioners

New parishioners are most welcome. Please come to the rectory to complete a Parish Registration Form and learn about our Parish. There are also forms in the Church entrances.

Confessions Are Suspended During the Pandemic (except in danger of death)

Providing a way for people to chose to confess anonymously, and then immediately sanitizng the space the penitent was just in to prepare it for the next penitent makes the traditional form of Confession unweildy. 

We believe our God is eager to forgive, just like the Father in the story of the Prodigal Son. All we need do is to be sorry for our sins and confess them to God in our heart and we should have the blessed assurance that the free grace of mercy will be ours.

Until Sactramental Confession is available again, just pray An Act of Contrition and be assured of God's compassion and salvation.

Baptisms Are Arranged for One Family at a time During the Pandemic

Please contact the office to arrange a time. Due to the pandemic, we celebrate Baptism one family at a time outside of Mass. Attendance is limited to 50 people. Masks must be worn.

Parents are required to attend a Baptismal Prep seminar (one night). We provide such a seminar along with Precious Blood Parish. Any Catholic parish's Baptismal Prep will due. Due to the pandemic, parents may opt for an online course. Parents who've attended a Baptismal Prep seminar recently for another child do not have to repeat it.

The office will need to see and make a copy of the child's Birth Certificate to ensure the person requesting baptism is a valid guardian of the child.

The Church prefers two Baptized and Confirmed Catholics to be the Sponsors (godparents) at the baptismal liturgy. Sponsors need a letter of eligibility (a letter from their parish/pasor that states they are eligible to be a Sponsor). To get this letter, the Catholic should be a practicing member of the parish who attends the Sunday Mass at their parish. They need to contact their parish for that letter.

It is possible to have only one Sponsor, and if necessary, as a last resort, no Sponsors. A non-Catholic Christian can be a Sponsor if there is also a Catholic Sponsor. Non-Christians may not be Sponsors. Sponsors should be at least 16 years old (if younger, only with the pastor's permission, they may be a Sponsor if they've been Confirmed or in preparation for Confirmation).



Weddings are reserved for registered members of St. Dorothea's Parish**.  Arrangements must be made at least one year prior to the marriage. Participation in a Pre-Cana Program or Engagement Encounter is required.

 **Others will be considered on a case by case basis